Invisalign Teen

The office of Dr. Roy Gonzalez provides orthodontic care with affordable financial and insurance options to the greater San Antonio community. Dr. Gonzalez offers a range of braces options as well. We are so excited to not only offer Invisalign as a clear alternative to braces but also to specifically provide an option for adolescent patients.

San Antonio Invisalign Teen

After an initial appointment, Dr. Gonzalez can determine whether or not a teen has the type of orthodontic problems that could be treated with Invisalign instead. Invisalign creates a discreet look while correcting your bite. The clear aligners can protect your teeth, lips, and cheeks during sports when a traditional mouthguard isn’t practical. These sports would include aerobic sports such as volleyball, soccer, tennis, and basketball. Clear aligners also protect the teeth from a grinding or clenching habit, especially while sleeping. Dr. Gonzalez designs a treatment plan after your initial evaluation and creates a set of aligners to reach your personal goals. You simply need to change out your aligners over the time of treatment according to the plan specified by Dr. Gonzalez.

Specific Invisalign Features for Teenagers

Invisalign could be a great option for orthodontic patients at almost any age in San Antonio, but Invisalign Teen specifically includes a few features that are particularly helpful for teenagers. Unique age groups usually have unique needs for the developmental stage of their mouths and teeth. Teens will usually have lost all of their “baby” teeth but may still have a few more adult teeth to come. Invisalign Teen uses clear aligners that have special “eruption tabs” to hold space for teeth that haven’t grown in through the gums yet. Additionally, aligners used for Invisalign Teen have tiny fading blue dots on them to let the patient know when it’s time to switch aligners. These work in the same way as some toothbrush bristles fade in color over time.

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