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At the office of Dr. Roy Gonzalez, Jr., our mission is to help patients achieve beautiful new smiles through comprehensive orthodontic treatment. As a leading orthodontist in greater San Antonio, TX, we're proud to offer a wide variety of treatments ranging from metal braces to Invisalign, and we take great care to personalize our treatment plans to suit each patient's unique lifestyle. We work hard to offer quality care, but at the end of the day, our patients' treatment experiences are the most important thing.

Testimonials on Our Orthodontic Treatment

We strive to maintain a gold standard of quality care in our office, and we do everything we can to make orthodontic treatment as quick, convenient, and effective as possible. But while we're proud of that work, we don't want you to take our word for it. Read the testimonials below to see what our patients have to say about treatment with our office!

  • "Dr. Gonzalez and the office staff are amazing! I went through braces with him as a teenager, now my husband and daughter are both patients! I would not have them go anywhere else! He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and personable! I continue to refer friends and family to his practice!" – C. Marr
  • "As children are parents could not afford braces. After college graduation we both found Dr. Gonzalez 's we are very greatful for our beautiful smiles.The staff are always so caring and cheerful. I recommend anyone who needs orthodontic work to go see them."
  • "Dr. Gonzalez and staff treat us like family not just a patient. I actually fly my son in from out of state for his appointments because I know he is getting the best orthodontic care possible." – J. Lozano
  • "I have nothing but Great things to say about both Dr. Gonzalez's! Roy Sr. Treated me as a teen and successfully straightneed out my over crowded teeth! I would never go to anyone else as my son had his orthodontic treatment done by Dr. Gonzalez. His staff is Always professional and super friendly! All my family goes to Dr. G and I refer everyone that needs ortho treatment. Go Dr. G and Staff!!" – Letty M.
  • "Dr. Gonzalez and his staff are amazing. My two kids and myself are patients. Very knowledgeable and always have great customer support. Wouldn't go anywhere else." – Laura
  • “Both Drs. Gonzalez are excellent, kind and professional. I would not think of taking my children to anyone else. They are very highly regarded and have a fine staff. Two of my three children are currently being treated, and my third will eventually be treated as well.”
  • “Thank you for my beautiful smile!! I’m going to miss you all!” – Celeste
  • “They are amazing! I recommend them to anyone getting braces or any kind of orthodontic treatment. I will be taking my other child there when it's time for her braces.”
  • “He is very friendly; very child-friendly. The kids love him. He really tries to get down to their level to speak to them and to understand what they are going through. He explains everything that he is going to do and everything that is going to happen to the parents.”
  • “They are excellent doctors. They set up payment plans so that the cost isn't too much at one time. They are friendly and great to talk to. They make the whole experience a pleasant and non-stressful one. When work is being done every effort is taken to make everything as comfortable and painless as possible. They put a new meaning to service with care. I am so glad to have had my orthodontic work done at their facility. I have friends that paid a lot more than I did, and they were treated badly, and the work done on their teeth was not up to par. I enjoy going back for check-ups. These two wonderful doctors make my day.”
  • “Very satisfied as a parent of a patient. Answered all my daughter's questions with respect and kindness. Dr. Gonzalez treated me when I was a child, and I could not think of anyone else I would rather have caring for my teenage daughter. His education and accomplishments are outstanding as well.”
  • “Dr. Roy Gonzalez, Sr. has done a wonderful job on both my brother and I, and now my children! Unlike others, he does not do the cookie-cutter teeth. We always get compliments on our smiles. He is great!”
  • “Words cannot begin to express how grateful we are for everything you have done for my Jenna. Because of you and your wonderful staff, my daughter has the opportunity to lead a “normal” and full, productive life with the confidence we all deserve and often take for granted. The Lord has blessed us by placing you in our lives. May you be blessed in return.”
  • “Oh I was in a world of trouble when my parents' genes caught up to me as my adult teeth began to show. I was unfortunately stuck with large teeth from my mother and a small jaw from my father. I went through at least 10 years of dental adjustments, including having 8 permanent teeth pulled in addition to my 4 wisdom teeth. My overbite when I began seeing Dr. Gonzalez would have given Bugs Bunny a run for his money. I was just a scared 3rd grader at the time. His ability to make me feel comfortable made visits fly by. I went through retainer after retainer, braces, rubber bands and headgear (yup, I said headgear. I am not embarrassed anymore!). What it all comes down to is the end result. I have had near perfect teeth since. At 31 years old, I still get compliments on how straight me teeth are. Moms and Dads out there, Dr. Gonzalez, both Sr. and Jr., are assets to the San Antonio dental community. Do not give it a second thought if your children need orthodontic work.” – A.H., CPT USAF M.D.
  • “I rated him as very expensive not because he is dramatically expensive, but because of my son’s severe case of his underbite, my son’s medical problem is expensive period. But his professionalism and his staff make me feel great. I don’t regret having my son here. It has been a very pleasant experience. Dr. G. is very friendly and caring. I can even call him on his cell anytime. Wow!! Very pleased my son is getting the best treatment, and I know his problem will be fixed. My son, aka Junior, started treatment with him not to long ago, and they were able to work a schedule with us since my son came from out of town. I couldn’t ask for a better place than Dr. G.'s office. After different orthodontists said they couldn't treat my son due to his severe case, Dr. G. took the challenge, and for that I am a grateful... I recommend this professional dentist to anyone!! He is just not a regular dentist; he is very educated in extreme cases. He really knows what he is doing. What we are paying for my son’s treatment is well worth every single dollar. It’s worth my peace and his peace of mind. Very satisfied. Like Dr. G. told my son, "Don’t let anyone stop you from doing things you want to do. You can do anything with braces!" :) About Front Desk: Very professional staff. I am the one who started on the wrong foot, since I had bad experiences seeking for a dentist. But his office manager took me in with kindness and respect. Very friendly and kind people! Always smiling and paying attention to detail, same as Dr. G. Always with a smile. I love this place! Most importantly, my son Junior loves them and does not feel anxious or scared anymore. Thank you!” – Mrs. Resendez

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