Wearing your retainer-does it really matter?

Wearing your retainer - does it really matter?
Posted on 01/08/2019
Wearing your retainer - does it really matter?

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There is nothing like getting your braces off after your treatment. The desire to finally show off your new straight and gorgeous smile is an amazing feeling! However, your orthodontic treatment is not completely finished once your braces are removed. You’ll need to wear a retainer after you’ve received your clear or metal braces. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of consistently wearing your retainer and why this phase of treatment is necessary.

The Importance of Your Retainer

A retainer is a small appliance made of metal and acrylic that is custom designed to hold your new smile in place. After Dr. Gonzalez removes your clear or metal braces, you’ll be fitted for a custom retainer, and instructed on how long and when to wear it. You may need to wear it all day long for several months, or only at night for a longer period of time. Length of time varies depending on the patient and the complication of his or her case. Dr. Gonzalez, your San Antonio orthodontist will explain your personalized retainer instructions that if followed, will provide you with the care you need to maintain your smile.

Does Wearing My Retainer Really Matter?

The most important reason to follow your retainer instructions is to keep your new smile straight. If you neglect to wear your retainer, your teeth may shift back into their previous positions, and your orthodontic treatment may become obsolete. You may even have to undergo braces treatment again to move your teeth back into their correct positions. Wearing your retainer absolutely matters, so be sure to make it a priority!

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