Top 5 Benefits of Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Top 5 Benefits of Adult Orthodontic Treatment
Posted on 02/19/2022

In recent years it has become very popular for adults to finally take the plunge and straighten their teeth using braces or Invisalign. Nowadays, health and self-improvement are all the rage, and braces have become something of a fashion statement. Dr. Roy Gonzalez Jr. orthodontic specialist in the San Antonio area believes that the benefits of adult orthodontic treatment are reason enough to get started now and unlock the confidence and improved health that come with straighter teeth. Here are 5 reasons you should join the movement too!

1) Prevent Diseases Down the Line

As we age we become more at risk of developing certain oral diseases, especially when time, bacteria, and wear are combined with already crooked teeth. That being said, no matter what age you decide to straighten your teeth with Invisalign or braces, you will be effectively preventing problems such as gum disease, decay, and bone erosion.

2) Improve Facial Appearance

Even after the jaw and palate are finished developing, correcting the bite with orthodontic treatment can greatly improve the harmony and balance of the lower face. For more the most complex cases, jaw surgery may be used in combination with braces to achieve desired results.

3) Discreet Braces Options

Adults can choose from a range of discreet braces options that blend more naturally with the teeth, such as ceramic or clear braces, or choose an alternative like Invisalign which is almost invisible.

4) Build Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits

Adults are a bit more organized and effective when it comes to building healthy habits around oral hygiene. This means your treatment is more likely to provide you with the desired results and set you on track to maintain your brilliant smile so that it lasts a lifetime.

5) Increase Your Confidence

Anyone can use a confidence boost at any age. Whether you’re trying to make the best impression with friends, at the workplace, or on the dating scene, a great smile makes a world of difference.

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