The Risks Of Using "Online Braces"

The Risks Of Using "Online Braces"
Posted on 03/15/2018
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The Risks Of Using "Online Braces"

At the office of Dr. Roy Gonzalez, our craft is creating healthy, beautiful smiles through professional orthodontic treatment. A straight new smile can make a drastic difference in one’s health and self-esteem. Many people seek out orthodontics to transform their own smile. Unfortunately, there are some new programs emerging that claim to help straighten teeth for a fraction of the cost of traditional orthodontics, but with significant more risk. Patients that are drawn in by these programs often get treatment without any knowledge of these risks until it’s too late. 

These programs are starting to be known as “online braces”, since the process is often started online by ordering a kit that is delivered to the home. Then the patient must take a mold of their own teeth and mail it out for aligners to be created and sent back to them. To prevent you from damaging your teeth by choosing one of these programs, we’ve outlined some of the main risks of online braces below. 

Higher Chance Of Imperfect Fit

To begin to straighten your teeth, an orthodontist will first make a mold, x-rays and clinical photographs of your teeth, using them to map out the path that the teeth need to take in order to reach their ideal positioning. The initial impression process requires absolute precision to ensure that the teeth move efficiently, they achieve that ideal position, and that the patient is comfortable in their appliance. 

With online braces programs, the impression process is left in the hands of the patient, instead of being handled by a trained orthodontic professional. This significantly increases the chances that the impressions taken are imperfect, making the appliances themselves imperfect as well. This results in the patient experiencing a higher degree of pain or discomfort, as well as the teeth not being perfectly straight at the end of treatment. In the online program, no x-rays are taken. The x-rays can show bone loss, short roots or other hidden problems that can cause loss of teeth if not detected before beginning treatment.

No Professional Supervision

One of the main selling points of online braces programs is that you can get started and do all of your orthodontic treatment from the comfort of your home. While you may be straightening your teeth, proper orthodontic treatment can only be provided by a professional orthodontist. By choosing online braces, patients give up the knowledge, training, and experience an orthodontist has to ensure that orthodontic treatment is as effective and efficient as possible. Also, if there are ever any problems with your online braces, there is no one that you can go to for assistance. 

Potentially Disastrous, Long-Lasting Results

While a straight smile is the most visual result of orthodontic treatment, it is not the only one. The other part of treatment is making corrections to the jaw and bite alignment to achieve a more natural, comfortable positioning. While online braces may straighten teeth, they do not make these crucial adjustments to the jaw, which can leave the bite misaligned. When this happens, the teeth will not come together properly and can lead to uneven wear. The bite problems that are not corrected can also become worse, requiring more advanced and costly treatment in the future. 

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