The Dangers of DIY Braces

The Dangers of DIY Braces
Posted on 05/31/2019
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The Dangers of DIY Braces

Braces are a common occurrence in the smiles of pre-teens and teenagers, but that doesn’t mean some patients have been looking into the trend of DIY braces. What they don't realize is they could be doing irreparable damage to their teeth.

How Patients Are Making Braces

There are some patients that are creating DIY braces by fastening typical household items to the teeth. While the exact methods vary, common items include using a combination of rubber bands, fishing line, or dental floss with earring backs, paper clips, or other small pieces of metal. Unfortunately, the do-it-yourself method is not only ineffective but extremely dangerous.

Why DIY Braces Are a Problem

Homemade braces pose many issues. First and foremost, they are a safety hazard. Obviously, these patients haven't spent years in school to learn the proper way to place braces, meaning they are more likely to hurt themselves during the at-home processes. Beyond that, sometimes the ill-fitting "braces" can come loose while the wearer sleeps, causing them to go up under the gums or even to be swallowed, both of which can cause further lacerations. Even without this issue, at-home braces can make orthodontic cases worse or increase the risk of infection, both of which can lead to the need for even more expensive dental procedures in the future.

Advancements in Orthodontics For Braces

Luckily, orthodontics has seen many other advancements. The smaller brackets are lighter and more comfortable, and can be made of metal, plastic or ceramic. This means they look better, feel better, and align the teeth more quickly. The elastics now come in colorful options that allow wearers to show their personal style, and the clear brackets closely match the color of the teeth, so they are less noticeable. Young adults who have only minor misalignments may even be able to use a removable option, such as Invisalign.

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