Helpful Tips During Treatment

Helpful Tips During Treatment
Posted on 10/15/2021

Getting braces can seem scary and daunting, especially in the beginning. The idea of having your teeth shift seems painful and debilitating, but no fear! Wearing braces is a gradual process, and we at Dr. Roy Gonzalez, Jr. are here to help you at every step of the way. We have come up with 5 tips to help you during your treatment, and how wearing braces can be enjoyable and bearable in your daily life.

When you receive braces, there are a lot of things that you will have to change in your lifestyle, and it definitely can seem overwhelming. And depending on how long your treatment plan will be, going back to life without braces can seem like such a long time to wait. However, with these tips, taking care of braces can be easily incorporated into your daily life.

  • Brushing/Flossing- Part of keeping your mouth healthy is to ensure that you brush and floss every day, especially if you’re wearing braces. It’s especially important to brush and floss after each meal. When brushing, make sure to reach all the surfaces of the teeth as well as the braces. You might also want to consider using an interdental brush because it can reach places where a regular toothbrush can’t. For flossing, it may help to use a floss threader to make it easier to floss underneath the wires.
  • Eating- When wearing braces, there are foods that, unfortunately, you can’t eat. These include chewy, crunchy, hard, and sticky foods. However, there are still plenty of foods to enjoy, such as soft bread, pasta, ice cream, dairy, soup, and many more. In addition to dietary adjustments when you are wearing braces you should also avoid biting your nails, smoking, and chewing on things such as ice cubes.
  • Physical Activities- You can still participate in physical activities, as long as you protect your teeth. Mouthguards should be used when playing contact sports, such as football or martial arts. If you play an instrument, you will need to learn to adjust to playing with braces. When adjusting, you may develop sores from the brackets and wires from the braces. One thing that can help is if you can rinse with salt water and apply wax to help your lips and teeth.
  • Traveling- If you are thinking of traveling anywhere, pack a travel kit. You can pack all your brushes, cleaners, floss, and tools in one place. This is especially important if you have Invisalign. You don’t want to forget your trays, so make sure to pack a case as well. If you lose a tray, this can put you back on your treatment plan and delay your progress.
  • Emergencies- If you have a broken bracket or wire, please contact our orthodontic office right away. If you happen to get into an accident as well, let your orthodontist know that you would like to schedule an emergency appointment. And most importantly, if you notice anything suspicious or are going through unbearable pain, please don’t be afraid to reach out. If you wait to get a bracket or wire fixed, it could extend the time you have braces. Don’t try to fix the bracket or wire yourself. Put wax on the pokey area and wait for your orthodontist’s help.

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