Back-to-School Orthodontist Visit

Back-to-School Orthodontist Visit
Posted on 08/01/2020

As you’re planning for the start of the new school year, you’re checking off the list of supplies they will need and planning a new schedule for the year. Have you made your back-to-school orthodontist appointment yet? This time of the year is great for a regular ortho check up before the school year gets hectic. Dr. Gonzalez and his team encourage you to schedule an appointment before the kids go back to school. Here are some tips for what your child's visit will look like.

Why Is A Back-to-School Checkup Important?

The back-to-school orthodontist appointment is the perfect time to discuss any concerns you have, as Dr. Gonzalez and his team will be looking at your child's overall oral health. At your appointment, Dr. Gonzalez can make any necessary changes to your treatment plan, and be sure treatment didn’t get off track during the summer. Dr. Gonzalez will also discuss tips on how to manage your braces at school.

What Are Some Back-to-School Tips?

Pack A Braces Care Kit

Packing a braces care kit for school is highly recommended. A small plastic bag or zippered pouch will work for students to access in their backpack or locker for when they need it! The braces care kit will help your child be prepared for a quick clean or any discomfort that comes along during the day.

Some items you should include in the braces care kit include the following:

  • Travel toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental Floss
  • Dental Wax
  • Extra Elastics (if needed)
  • Lip Balm

We encourage our patients to use the travel toothbrush after they've eaten lunch. Sometimes braces collect food after meals, so it is important to set aside time to brush after eating. Even if there is no time for toothpaste, brushing with just water can help to remove food particles. If a bracket begins to irritate the lips, cheeks or gums, the student can take a small amount of dental wax and place it on the problem area to reduce irritation. Lip Balm will help with dry lips that can be caused by braces.

Eat & Drink Smart

After students receive their braces, they are told to steer clear of hard, crunchy, gooey, and sticky foods that can damage or break their braces. It's important to avoid these foods in school, too. For a full list of foods to avoid during braces treatment, be sure to read our blog! There are plenty of healthy snack alternatives to sugary sweets so students can avoid harming their braces. The temptation to eat candy is higher in school, so consider alternatives such as yogurt, applesauce, or other soft-sweet foods to satisfy cravings.

Drinking water is not only important for your overall health, it also benefits your dental health. We recommend students take a water bottle with them to school so they can drink water throughout the day. The water will rinse away remaining food particles that are lodged in the braces after eating. This means less time in the bathroom cleaning their teeth! Also, drinking water will help neutralize acids in their mouths to keep teeth healthy.

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