Sleep Apnea


Do you snore? Do you have a CPAP machine? Has a doctor suggested surgery? Dr. Gonzalez has had significant training in treating sleep apnea. Often times Dr. Gonzalez is able to fabricate a removable appliance to wear at night that can alleviate sleep apnea and generally eliminate the need for a CPAP.

Frequent snoring, while often perceived as a simple annoyance, can be indicative of a breathing problem. In San Antonio specifically, occasional snoring can be related to environmental allergies, but it may also be an indication of a more serious—but treatable—underlying issue. Other symptoms of sleep apnea may include a lack of concentration or even falling asleep while driving.

If you have ever been told that you stop breathing while sleeping, you may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. If severe, sleep apnea can be life-threatening. After your consultation, Dr. Gonzalez may consult with a physician who is a Board Certified Sleep Specialist. A sleep study will be performed if Dr. Gonzalez and the Sleep Specialist deem it necessary.

Please mention your snoring or any of these symptoms to Dr. Gonzalez at your initial consultation so that we can best serve you.

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